Our ESR, Sonja Gindorf, won the first prize at the Bolin Days for climate research at Stockholm University, a poster competition for early career scientists.

The Bolin Days is an internal conference organized by the Bolin Centre for Climate Research in Stockholm, Sweden. The two-day event serves as a platform for members to present new results in climate science in a multi-disciplinary environment. The poster exhibition includes a poster competition for early career scientists who are encouraged to present their research creatively and innovatively. The competition is judged by a jury of leadership, experts from the different Bolin Centre research themes, and External Science Advisory Group members based on criteria such as Overall appearance, Organization & flow, Clarity of content as well as Engagement and interaction.

The first prize is SEK 15,000, the second prize is SEK 10,000, and the third prize is SEK 5,000 in research money.

Awarded poster The Role of Catchment Properties for Mercury Transport and Bioaccumulation

Congratulations to Sonja!