• »Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry« (2024)

Title: Optimization of a pre‑concentration method for the analysis of mercury isotopes in low‑concentration foliar samples

Authors: Saeed Waqar Ali, Dominik Božič, Sreekanth Vijayakumaran Nair, Igor Živković, Jan Gačnik, Teodor‑Daniel Andron, Marta Jagodic Hudobivnik, David Kocman, Milena Horvat


  • »Analytica Chimica Acta« (2024)

Title: Application of traceable calibration for gaseous oxidized mercury in air

Authors: Sreekanth Vijayakumaran Nair, Jan Gačnik, Igor Živković, Teodor Daniel Andron, Saeed Waqar Ali, Jože Kotnik, and Milena Horvat


Title:  Superparamagnetic Spinel-Ferrite Nano-Adsorbents Adapted for Hg2+, Dy3+, Tb3+ Removal/Recycling: Synthesis, Characterization, and Assessment of Toxicity.

Authors: Allwin Mabes Raj, A.F.P.; Bauman, M.; Dimitrušev, N.; Ali, L.M.A.; Onofre, M.; Gary-Bobo, M.; Durand, J.-O.; Lobnik, A.; Košak, A.


  • »Environmental science. Nano« (2023)

Title: Green synthesis of a magnetite/graphitic carbon nitride 2D nanocomposite for efficient Hg2+ remediation

Authors: CHOUHAN, Raghuraj S., GAČNIK, Jan, ŽIVKOVIĆ, Igor, VIJAYAKUMARAN NAIR, Sreekanth, VAN DE VELDE, Nigel Willy, VESEL, Alenka, ŠKET, Primož, GANDHI, Sonu, JERMAN, Ivan, HORVAT, Milena


  • »Chemosensors« (2023)

Title: Comparison of Surface and Spectral Properties of Optical Sensor Layers Prepared by Spin/Spray Coating and Printing Techniques

Authors: Dimitrušev, N.; Nedeljko, P.; Mabes Raj, A.F.P.A.; Lobnik, A.


  • »Geoscientific Model Development« (2023)

Title: The 3D biogeochemical marine mercury cycling model MERCY v2.0 – linking atmospheric Hg to methylmercury in fish

Authors: Johannes Bieser; David J. Amptmeijer; Ute Daewel; Joachim Kuss; Anne L. Soerensen; Corinna Schrum


  • “Environmental Science: Atmospheres” (2023):

Title: Observed in-plume gaseous elemental mercury depletion suggests significant mercury scavenging by volcanic aerosols

Authors: Koenig, Alkuin M. and Magand, Olivier and Rose, Clemence and Di Muro, Andrea and Miyazaki, Yuzo and Colomb, Aurelie and Rissanen, Matti and Lee, Christopher F. and Koenig, Theodore K. and Volkamer, Rainer and Brioude, Jerome and Verreyken, Bert and Roberts, Tjarda and Edwards, Brock A. and Sellegri, Karine and Arellano, Santiago and Kowalski, Philippe and Aiuppa, Alessandro and Sonke, Jeroen E. and Dommergue, Aurélien


  • »International Journal of Molecular Sciences« (2022)

Title: Removal of Pb2+, CrT, and Hg2+ Ions from Aqueous Solutions Using Amino-Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles.

Authors: Allwin Mabes Raj, A.F.P.; Bauman, M.; Laki´c, M.; Dimitrušev, N.; Lobnik, A.; Košak, A.


  • »Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology« (2022)

Title: Removal of Pb2+, Cr3+ and Hg2+ ions from aqueous solutions using SiO2 and amino-functionalized SiO2 particles

Authors: A. F. P. Allwin Mabes,  Raj Sara Krajnc, Maja Bauman, Marijana Lakić, Andreja Gutmaher, Aleksandra Lobnik, Aljoša Košak


  • »Environmental Science & Technology« (2022)

Title: Photochemical Degradation of Dimethylmercury in Natural Waters

Authors: Johannes West; Sonja Gindorf; Sofi Jonsson


  • “JGR-Atmospheres” (2022):

Title: Evidence for Interhemispheric Mercury Exchange in the Pacific Ocean Upper Troposphere

Authors: Alkuin M. Koenig, Jeroen E. Sonke, Olivier Magand, Marcos Andrade, Isabel Moreno, Fernando Velarde, Ricardo Forno, René Gutierrez, Luis Blacutt, Paolo Laj, Patrick Ginot, Johannes Bieser, Andreas Zahn, Franz Slemr, Aurélien Dommergue


  • “Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics” (2023):

Title: Mercury in the free troposphere and bidirectional atmosphere–vegetation exchanges – insights from Maïdo mountain observatory in the Southern Hemisphere tropics

Authors: Alkuin M. Koenig, Olivier Magand, Bert Verreyken, Jerome Brioude, Crist Amelynck, Niels Schoon, Aurélie Colomb, Beatriz Ferreira Araujo, Michel Ramonet, Mahesh K. Sha, Jean-Pierre Cammas, Jeroen E. Sonke, and Aurélien Dommergue


  • “Environmental Pollution” (2022):

Title: Dispersion of airborne mercury species emitted from the cement plant

Authors: Sreekanth Vijayakumaran Nair, Jože Kotnik, Jan Gačnik, Igor Živković, Alkuin Maximilian Koenig, Tanja Ljubič Mlakar, Milena Horvat


  • “Analytical Chemistry” (2022)

Title: Calibration Approach for Gaseous Oxidized Mercury Based on Nonthermal Plasma Oxidation of Elemental Mercury

Authors: Jan Gačnik, Igor Zivković, Sergio Ribeiro Guevara, Jože Kotnik, Sabina Berisha, Sreekanth Vijayakumaran Nair, Andrea Jurov, Uroš Cvelbar, and Milena Horvat


  • “Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics” (2021)

Title: Seasonal patterns of atmospheric mercury in tropical South America as inferred by a continuous total gaseous mercury record at Chacaltaya station (5240 m) in Bolivia

Authors: Alkuin Maximilian Koenig, Olivier Magand, Paolo Laj, Marcos Andrade, Isabel Moreno, Fernando Velarde, Grover Salvatierra, René Gutierrez, Luis Blacutt, Diego Aliaga, Thomas Reichler, Karine Sellegri, Olivier Laurent, Michel Ramonet, and Aurélien Dommergue



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