Mercury Waste Management – Side Event at BRS Convention COPs

Mercury Waste Management Event will take place on Tuesday 9 May 2023 - 13:15-14:45 CEST and it will address the challenges faced…

MINAMATA Convention in 2022

The Minamata Convention Progress Report 2022 provides an update on the latest developments under the Minamata Convention on…

Metrology training course results

The GMOS-Train Metrology training course (29 – 30 Sept 2022) was hosted virtually by the Jožef Stefan Institute to provide basic…

GMOS-Train winter school on modelling a great success

„The GMOS-TRAIN winter school on modelling (6th Feb – 3rd Mar, 2023) was a great success. The Hereon experts on numerical…

Researchers’ Night in Ljubljana

We are happy to share with you the photos of the European Researcher Night 2022/23 in which Allwin Mabes Raj (ESR-11) of the…

Mercury Releases from the Cement industry Area Meeting

13 February 2023 - 14:00-15:30 CET The Mercury Releases from the Cement Industry Area of the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership will…

GMOS-Train winter school on modelling

6th – 8th February, 2023 AGENDA Day 1, Monday, 6th February 2023 – Part I: Introduction and state of PhD projects 9:00 – 9:30…

Global Mercury Partnership Area on Mercury Air Transport & Fate Research

Global Mercury Partnership Reports The Thirteenth Partnership Advisory Group (PAG-13) meeting was held on 9 and 10 November 2022,…

Mercury speciaI session at Goldschmidt 2023

GMOS-Train is importantly involved in Mercury cycling in the context of global change 12a Session at Goldschmidt 2023, which…

Call for comments and inputs on the “Best Available Techniques and Best Environmental Practices to control mercury releases to land and water”

UNEP parties and stakeholders are invited to submit comments and input by Friday 17 February 2023 on the draft guidance on “Best…

Allwin awarded for the best poster of the Microtech Week

We are happy to inform you that Allwin Mabes Raj (ESR 11) of the GMOS-Train project has been awarded the best poster award based…

3 interesting talks

Today, on 15 December at 11 AM in the Alboran Room and online 3 different talks on GMOS-Train relevant topics are taking place.…

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Original and innovative research programme categorized into 9 WPs

WP content

The GMOS-Train contains 9 WPs od which WP1-6 are related to R&D. WP7 is dedicated to network-wide training activities and WP7-8 are dedicated to dissemination, communication, outreach and management.

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Study areas

Hg cycles between atmosphere, terrestrial and aquatic reservoirs through a complex combination of transport and transformation processes, until it buries in sediments and soils of our Globe.

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15 ESR positions and renowned expert supervision

Interdisciplinary studies in atmospheric chemistry and physics, aquatic chemistry, ecology, analytical chemistry, multimedia modelling and the use of science results for policy making.

All chosen supervisors and co-supervisors are renowned experts, have experience in PhD supervision and scientific guidance.

All chosen supervisors and co-supervisors are renowed experts, have experienc in PhD supervision and scientific guidance.

Guidelines for who can or cannot participate in the study and the description of characteristics that must be shared by all participants.


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