(Dec. 2020)

Kick-off meeting, Winter School 1

JSI, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Management board meetings (e.g., MST, and WP Teams) (1 day) – see pages 12/13, Table 1.2.c and section 3.2 for more information.

Winter School 1. Global mercury assessment (emissions/releases, Hg cycle between the atmospheric/terrestrial/aquatic environment and interactions with biosphere, biogeochemistry) and Minamata Convention on Mercury: History, principles, recommendations, implementation, effectiveness evaluation (organized by UNEP, AMAP, EEB) (2.5 days)

Soft skills training: Research ethics, gender, IPR Training: general principles, IP Arrangements, R&D contracts, regulations, hands-on patent searching (Technology Transfer Office of the JSI; 1 day), Open Science and dissemination training (UNESCO Chair for Open Science) (0.5 day)

Site visit: Visit of the contaminates site of the wider Idrija region (Mine, catchment and coastal site) with a Local public event: GMOS-Train in dialog with UNESCO Heritage Mercury Site, Idrija (general public, industry and municipality of Idrija) (1 day)

ECTS: 3 credits (report)
Lead: JSI

(Jan./Feb. 2021)

Winter School 2

UGA, Grenoble

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European research course (ERCA) at UGA tailormade for GMOS-Train ESRs needs (atmospheric processes  biogeochemistry  cycling of Hg) (see p.13)

ECTS: 10 (report)
Lead: UGA


Project Check Meeting

JSI, Ljubljana

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An online meeting with the fellows.

Lead: JSI

(Sept. 2021)

Summer School 1

JSI, Ljubljana in collaboration with IOS and PSA

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Summer School 1 “Metrology in mercury measurements” to address comparability and uncertainty of measurement results. Producers and users of the data will go through practical ESRs research examples and organized by ITN beneficiaries and partners (JSI, VSL, IOS, AMU and PSA) (1.5d).

Soft skills training: Scientific writing, oral and poster presentations (CNRS); communicating science to general public and policy stakeholders, Open access (EEB, UNESCO Chair) (1 day)

Event: Public outreach activity on Hg and Minamata Convention (0,5 days)

ECTS: 5 (report)
Lead: JSI


Midterm Review Meeting

JSI, Ljubljana

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Midterm review meeting with the expert at JSI in Ljubljana, Slovenia

(July 2022)

15th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant – ICMGP

Cape Town, South Africa

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In cooperation with beneficiaries and partners as SC members of the ICMGP; ESRs will attend training workshops organized by the ICMGP and a special session for GMOS-Train will be organized as part of the programme (5 days including a 0.5 day management meeting of the GMOS-Train). Job fair organized as a joint ICMGP and GMOS-Train activity. (more on pages 13 and 19)

Communication skills: Pre-Conference presentation practise in an informal atmosphere (0.5 days)

Public outreach activities in collaboration with the ICMGP Steering group – see section 2.3.1, p.19

ECTS: depends on  training workshop attended
Lead: CNR-IIA, JSI, AMU in collaboration with local Chair

(Jan. 2023)

Winter School 3

HZG, Hamburg

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Winter School 3: “Global mercury modelling framework and policy making”: Hg emission inventories into atmosphere and releases to aquatic systems (UNEP, AMAP, Harvard) Global mercury modelling; from measurements to prediction tools for policy making (HZG, CNR IIA, MSC-E,  MIT) and big data management (European and global scale) – hands on training (UNEP, JRC, AMAP, GEO partners) – stakeholder interaction and policy outreach (2. 5 day)

Soft skills training: Project proposal writing. Part 1. MCSA IF writing  (JSI, UPPA, CNRS) (1 day)

Event: A Science Slam and Job fair will be organized.

ECTS: 5 (report based on each ESR results)
Lead: HZG in collaboration with MSC-E, AMAP and UNEP

(June-July 2023)

Summer School 2

IFREMER, Nantes, France

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Summer School 2: Mercury exposure and health – the exposome approach: exposure, human biomonitoring, susceptibility (organized by AUTH, Greece, UNEP/WHO and EEB) (1,5 days)

Soft skills training:  Project proposal writing. Part 2. ESRs will present their project proposal MCSA IF, which will be cross-evaluated by ESRs and SB members. (JSI, UPPA, CNRS) (1 day)

Event: Open event organized in collaboration with fisheries organization – fish safety (0.5  day)

ECTS: 5 (report)
Lead: IFREMER AUTH and fisheries

(Nov./Dec. 2023)

Closing meeting and an open Conference

JSI, Slovenia

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Closing meeting and an open Conference “Global Mercury Observing System in Practise”, Ljubljana, Slovenia (3 days). Closing event will be organized in conjunction with regular Conference of parties (COP – Minamata Convention), which will secure participation of scientists and representatives from Governments, regional and international organisations and programmes and agencies, NGOs, industry, and other interested parties. (see p. 13, and p. 19 for more information)

Event: Science slam and Job fair will be organized