Number Relative Number in WP Title Lead Beneficiary Type Dissemination Level Due Date (in months) DELIVERY DATE
D40 D9.1 Advertisement of ESRs JSI OTHER PU 3 22.03.2020
D27 D8.1 Projects external and internal websites operational JSI DEC PU 6 8.06.2020
D42 D9.3 ESRs recruited JSI OTHER PU 12 27.05.2020
D16 D7.1 Training materials from Winter School 1: Introduction to Minamata Convention JSI OTHER PU 13 19.04.2021
D17 D7.2 Training materials from ethics and IP training JSI OTHER PU 13 14.06.2021


D19 D7.4 Training material from ERCA Winter School 2_Atmospheric process UGA OTHER PU 14 28.02.2022


D39 D8.13 Data Management Plan (DMP) CNR-IIA ORDP PU 6 25.09.2020
D21 D7.6 Training materials from Summer School 1 on Metrology in Hg measurements JSI OTHER PU 30 20.10.2022
D23 D7.8 Training materials from soft skills training PART 1: Science paper writing, oral and poster presentations (CNRS); communicating science to general public and policy stakeholders CNRS OTHER PU 29 17.10.2022
D24 D7.9 Training materials from Winter School 3 “Global Hg modelling framework and policy making” HEREON OTHER PU 39 1.4.2023