David Amptmeijer (ESR 13) spent this summer on secondments. Initially, he collaborated with Sonja Gindorf (ESR 7) in Stockholm, working on the data they had collected jointly last year in the Southern Ocean aboard the S.A. Alghullas II. Following this, he traveled to CNR in Rende, Italy, where he engaged with Charikleia Gournia (ESR 15), focusing on optimizing models for their applicability in policymaking. In addition to this David spent time last year training the next generation of potential Hg scientists by supervising two master students from the University of Hamburg for a project where they worked on modelling uptake of Hg in macrobenthos. Upon the conclusion of summer, he embarked on his parental leave, which he continues to relish, devoting time to care for one of the GMOS train deliveries named Bo. David intends to remain on parental leave until Bo reaches one year of age and is ready for childcare, allowing David to concentrate on completing and submitting his thesis by October 2024.