We are pleased to announce the GMOS-Train Mid-term Check with our EC Project Officer (Ms Giuliana Donini).

The meeting will take place from October 6th – 8th  2021,  in Ljubljana, in person. All those who will not be able to come to Ljubljana, will be able to attend the meeting virtually via ZOOM.

The Mid-Term Check (MTC) assesses the fulfilment of the ESR recruitment procedure, the eligibility of the fellows, any deviations of the original training programme and raises awareness on the fellows’ and host institutions’ rights and obligations. The MTC should be understood as a constructive dialogue between the network participants and the REA Project Officer and is a valuable source of feedback to both the consortium and the REA.  As such, the MTC constitutes an excellent opportunity to meet the whole consortium members and address all issues which are linked to late recruitment, and changed (postponed) secondment plans due to Covid-19 worldwide pandemic situation. In case of issues, corrective actions should immediately be taken.

We will take this opportunity to organise also a network-wide meeting and a site visit of the contaminates site of the wider Idrija region. Therefore we are planning to host a three-day event.