ESR 14 and ESR 15 join every week the online Modeling Group meetings of Work Package 5.  These meetings are held by Dr. Johannes Bieser (Heroen) and Dr. Ian Hedgecock (CNR-IIA) and serve as a forum for creative thinking, discussion, and idea generation, resulting in clear action plans and next steps for moving modeling work forward. Currently, Koketso is analysing long-term atmospheric mercury observations from multiple monitoring stations across the globe. Together with meteorological variables and other trace gases, she is studying the patterns in these datasets to try and understand how ocean-atmospheric processes influence atmospheric mercury. Charikleia is currently conducting an extensive analysis of mercury deposition patterns using GEOS-Chem transport model and a number of numerical experiments led by four different anthropogenic mercury emission inventories. The results of the models’ simulations will be compared with available measurements. In August, Koketso and Charikleia decided to meet in person in Greece, taking advantage of the multicultural and collaborative environment of an ITN project. Charikleia says “It was nice to meet Koketso in person and we visited my country together. For me, one of the most interesting parts of the ITN GMOS-Train is that all ESRs work on the same subject and can work closely together and learn from each other.”



By Koketso Molepo (ESR 14) and Chariklea Gournia (ESR 15)