New Emission Reduction Policy in Indonesia – Online Event 23-25 March 2021

The IEACCC will be hosting a free, 3 day on-line event in March to provide details of how international experts can contribute proposals to inform the development of the national action plan for the coal sector in Indonesia under the Minamata Convention. Please register here for more information:

The IEACCC is currently involved in a project to reduce mercury emissions from the coal sector in Indonesia, funded by the US Department of State.

In collaboration with Indonesian stakeholders (BCRC-Asia, MOEF, MEMR), AEA and Uniper, the experts have evaluated mercury emissions from the Indonesian coal sector on a unit by unit basis, allowing them to determine which coal units offer most potential for cost-effective emission reduction.

A webinar dr. Leslie Sloss presented summarising Phase 1 of this work is available here: