This June, three key sessions will take place online to focus on mercury science, pollution and waste. A hybrid session on Thursday 9 will be held as a side event during the BRS Conference of the Parties in Geneva, while two digital sessions (Tuesday 14 and Thursday 30) will be part of Minamata Online. Read below to learn more and register.

14 June: Minamata Online on “Environmental and socio-economic impacts of mercury pollution”

On Tuesday 14 (15h00-17h00 CEST), this Minamata Online session will review the state of knowledge on the impacts of mercury pollution on biodiversity and livelihoods, and explore the applicability of economic tools to support mercury-related policies and national efforts to implement the Minamata Convention in connection with wider sustainable development goals. Learn more and register to the WebEx event here.

9 June: BRS COPs side event on “Mercury Wastes – latest developments, tools and practices for their environmentally sound management”


On Thursday June 9 (18h15-19h45 CEST), the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership, its Areas of work on Mercury Waste Management and on Mercury Supply and Storage, as well as the Secretariat of the Minamata Convention will jointly organize this side event in the margins of the BRS Conference of the Parties.


The hybrid event will showcase the latest developments under the Minamata and Basel conventions and the Partnership, share best practices in selected sectors and feature experience from countries and the industry in the practical implementation of sound management practices. Learn more and register to the Interactio event here.

30 June: Minamata Online on “Strengthening mercury research capacity in developing countries for science-based policy making”


On Thursday 30 (14h00-15h30 CEST), this session will highlight the importance of science knowledge to develop and implement national policy for sound mercury management.


Capacity building for comparable data collection, more accurate emission inventory, and planning and execution of mercury research that addresses national needs and priorities helps developing countries to figure out the mercury issues of its own context.


The webinar will introduce ongoing activities by UNEP to assist scientists, researches and policy makers towards science-based policy making. Learn and register to the WebEx event here.