On the Science Day at Dibber international school, all grades (6-9) participated to learn more about environmental science from 5 environmental scientists from Stockholm University. Among them was Sonja Gindorf (ESR 7) who described the day with the following words: “We started with a general introduction of what scientists do and what environmental science is and let the kids brainstorm and write their ideas in groups on posts – we then discussed their ideas together. Afterward, each of us showed some aspects of our research and then we divided the students into groups of 20 to go for some experiments. For that, we marched with 5 more SU scientists who were at a Swedish school for the presentation. The students could e.g. gain some insights into basic air quality measurements, chromatography, and pH measurements of different natural waters we found on a little walk. Afterward, we had a sum-up session and lunch together. The students were very motivated, had lots of questions, and were excited about the day.”