To enhance awareness and visibility in the framework of the Minamata Convention. To coordinate dissemination of science results and to communicate the project results to targeted audiences. To protect and exploit the project results.

Description of Work

Tasks 8.1. Dissemination of scientific results (CNR-IIA, all). Peer reviewed papers (at least 31) will be the main dissemination activities and high-ranking journals will be targeted. Special sessions will be proposed at the following conferences: ICMGP 2021 and 2023, AGU (2020-2022), ICHMET 2021 and EGU (2020-2022) where all ESRs will present their work. At least two special issues of high-ranking journals will be published.

Task 8.2. Communication and public engagement (UNEP, EEB, all). The Policy making community is strongly present in the partnership including UNEP, AMAP and EEB. The project results as Policy briefs will be presented at all relevant meetings. The public will be informed of the project outcome through specific communication activities and events. Outreach campaigns incorporates a dynamic project website linked to the UNEP, AMAP and EEB websites, project brochures, and non-technical factsheets/illustrations/leaflets. Other activities include a project promo video, local events, YouTube clips, ESR blogs, linkedin, Wikipedia, Facebook and e-learning recourses.

Task 8.3. Exploitation in relation to industrial sectors. This will include audiences from industry associations such as the European Cement Association CEMBUREAU and UNEP’s partnership programmes (MEC and F&T). Policy briefs will be published in the DG ENV Science for Environmental Policy and through the communication activities of UNEP, AMAP and EEB at the UNEP-COP (2019-2021) related meeting of the implementation of the Minamata Convention.


Management, Training, Recruitment and Dissemination Deliverables WP Lead Type Diss. Due
D8.1 Projects external and internal websites operational 8 CNR ADM PU, CO M1, 6
D8.2 Dissemination and communication plan 8 CNR ADM CO M1, 6
D8.3 Presentations of ESR at ICMGP conferences 2021, 2023 8 CNR PDE PU M42-48
D8.4 Presentations of ESR at AGU, EGU, ICHMET 8 CNR PDE PU M18-48
D8.5 Special sessions at EGU 2020 and ICMGP 2021, 2023 8 CNR PDE PU M36-48
D8.6 Two special issues of the Journal Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry and Biogeosciences or alternative journal 8 CNR PDE PU M48
D8.7 3 Policy briefs (M 24, 36, 48) 8 CNR ADM CO M24-48
D8.10 DG ENV Science for Environmental Policy 8 CNR ADM CO M46
D8.11 Presentation at the UNEP COP meetings (at least 2 meetings) 8 CNR ADM CO M11-48
D8.12 Reports on local events at network–wide events (e.g., Researchers Night) 8 CNR PDE PU M36
D8.13 Final exploitation plan 8 CNR ADM CO M46


No Dissemination/communication/management milestones WP(s) Lead Benef. Due Date Means of Verification
25 Public webpage established and on-line 8 CNR M1 Web page completed
28 Network-wide events organized 7,8,9 JSI M6-48 Network-wide events completed
31 Attendance of ESRs at the 15th and 16th ICMGPs 7,8 JSI M19, M47 Training, special sessions and science conferences completed
33 Summer School 2 and the soft skills training on project writing organized 7 JSI M30 School and training completed
34 Winter School 2 on exposure and human health 7,8 JSI M37 School and training completed
35 Attendance at the closing event 7,8,9 JSI M48 Closing event completed
36 Participation at the local public outreach events during Network-wide meetings 8 CNR M6-48 Network-wide events completed