To monitor and support implementation, progress and the achievements of the project. To monitor the compliance of the project participants with their obligations. To collect and review reports and other deliverables and submit them to the EC. To organise network-wide events and meetings of the MST, SB, Recruitment Committee, Advisory Board, and WP teams (TST WP1-7, Training WP7, Exploitation, dissemination and outreach, WP8).


Management, Training, Recruitment and Dissemination Deliverables WP Lead Type Diss. Due
D9.1 Advertisement of ESRs 9 JSI ADM PU M2
D9.2 Consortium agreement finalised 9 JSI ADM CO M3
D9.3 ESRs recruited 9 JSI ADM PU M6
D9.4 Report on Kick-off meeting 9 JSI ADM CO M6
D9.5 Reports on 7 Network-wide events (M7, 14, 21, 28, 36,43,48) 9 JSI R CO M7- 48
D9.6 Scientific progress reports to REA M12, 24, 36, 48 9 JSI R CO M12-48
D9.7 Midterm report to REA 9 JSI R CO 24
D9.8 Periodic reports to REA 9 JSI R CO M24,48
D9.9 Final Report to REA 9 JSI R CO M48


No Dissemination/communication/management milestones WP(s) Lead Benef. Due Date Means of Verification
27 Recruitment process finalised 9 JSI M6 Recruitment finished
28 Network-wide events organized 7,8,9 JSI M6-48 Network-wide events completed
35 Attendance at the closing event 7,8,9 JSI M48 Closing event completed