Follow up and support training programmes of the 15 ESRs.

Description of Work

The main tasks are to follow and support local expert training; to organize network-wide S/T and soft skill training during 7 events in cooperation with WP 8 and 9 and MST; to follow-up PCDP writing and updates to be performed during WP7 meetings at the 7 network-wide events.


Management, Training, Recruitment and Dissemination Deliverables WP Lead Type Diss. Due
D7.1 Training materials from Summer School 1 ”Introduction to Minamata Convention” 7 JSI OTHERS PU M7
D7.2 Training materials from ethics and  IP training 7 JSI OTHER PU M7
D7.3 ESRs study reports on IP issues and patenting as a result from Soft skills training 7 JSI R CO M12
D7.4 Training material from ERCA Winter School 1: Atmospheric process 7 JSI OTHER PU M14
D.7.5 ESRs reports from the ICMGP outreach training and activities 7 JSI R CO M20
D7.6 Training materials from Summer School 2 on Metrology in Hg measurements 7 JSI OTHER PU M26
D7.7 Written reports on uncertainty of Hg measurements from each of the ESRs work 7 JSI R CO M30
D7.8 Training materials from soft skills training PART 1: Science paper writing, oral and poster presentations (CNRS); communicating science to general public and policy stakeholders 7 JSI OTHER PU M26
D7.9 Training materials from Spring School 1 “Global Hg modelling framework and policy making” 7 JSI OTHER PU M30
D7.10 Training materials from the Spring School 2 “Hg exposure and health” 7 JSI OTHER PU M37
D7.11 Written individual project proposals following the training on project writing during the Network-wide event 4 (month 30) 7 JSI OTHER PU M47


No Dissemination/communication/management milestones WP(s) Lead Benef. Due Date Means of Verification
26 Summer School 1 and IP training  organized 7 JSI M7 Summer school and training completed
28 Network-wide events organized 7,8,9 JSI M6-48 Network-wide events completed
30 ERCA (Winter school 1) completed 7 JSI M14 School and training completed
31 Attendance of ESRs at the 15th and 16th ICMGPs 7,8 JSI M19, M47 Training, special sessions and science conferences completed
33 Summer School 2 and the soft skills training on project writing organized 7 JSI M30 School and training completed
34 Winter School 2 on exposure and human health 7,8 JSI M37 School and training completed
35 Attendance at the closing event 7,8,9 JSI M48 Closing event completed