Continuing Sreekanth’s Ph.D. journey from our last newsletter: Sreekanth delivered two presentations at the ICMGP 2022 conference. Subsequently, he delved into his research on applying the non-thermal plasma calibration method to enhance GOM measurements using a Tekran Hg vapor analyzer coupled with a speciation system. He utilized metrology training received from the GMOS-Train project to advance this work, resulting in a recent publication as his second peer-reviewed paper in Analytica Chimica Acta. Additionally, he presented this work at the Goldschmidt conference 2023 in poster format.

Sreekanth shared the outcomes of his research work at the GMOS Train meetings held in Hamburg and Nantes. Continuing his focus on GOM measurement issues, he started laboratory experiments to investigate sampling biases arising from denuders and cation exchange membranes (CEM) during the pre-concentration step.

Sreekanth actively participated in a workshop on “Measurement of Atmospheric Mercury: Assessment of New Measurement and Calibration Methods and Development of a Path Forward,” held in October 2023 at the University of Nevada, Reno (USA), where he delivered two talks highlighting his recent work on GOM measurement challenges, including calibration issues and sampling losses. The workshop aimed to address critical aspects of atmospheric mercury measurements, calibration, and the research needed to overcome current limitations. Moreover, he contributed to COP 5 ‘Minamata Convention on Mercury’ in Geneva, Switzerland, by introducing the GMOS Train project’s first work package (atmospheric mercury dynamics) during a side event – a ‘knowledge lab session’.

As a result of collaborations among ESRs, Sreekanth co-authored 2 papers this year with ESR9 and ESR10. Currently, Sreekanth is immersed in laboratory experiments concerning GOM stability issues attributed to CEM, which he plans to publish as his third peer-reviewed research paper. Despite the inherent challenges of lab work, he remains focused on completing his Ph.D. and anticipates presenting his findings on GOM measurement issues at ICMGP 2024 through an oral presentation.