Luisa (ESR3) was mainly focused on lab work from September 2022 to the end of July 2023. She completed all the experimental parts corresponding to her PhD with many interesting results presented at the GMOS-train meeting in Nantes. At the end of 2022, she completed her 2-month secondment at the UPPA (Pau, France) where the Biotic methylation incubations were performed in collaboration with Xue Jinping, Remy Guyoneaud, Alina Kleindienst (ESR#5), and others.

During the 1st trimester of 2023, abiotic methylation experiments and isotopic analyses were completed in the following months.

She also participated remotely in the Goldschmidt Conference 2023 presenting a poster with a more complete view of C and Hg fractionation during MMeHg photodegradation. Final considerations on these fractionations will be shared very soon with the publication of her 1st paper.

With Xue Jinping and ESR5 Alina during the secondment at the UPPA (Pau, France) to perform the biotic methylation incubation experiments.