We are happy to share with you the photos of the European Researcher Night 2022/23 in which Allwin Mabes Raj (ESR-11) of the GMOS-Train project explained to the visitors about DNA fingerprinting (also called DNA profiling or forensic genetics), a technique employed by forensic scientists to assist in the identification of individuals or samples by their respective DNA profiles. DNA fingerprinting is a laboratory technique to establish a link between biological evidence and a suspect in a criminal investigation. Allwin also explained the intricacies and uses of developing a nanobiosensor for methylmercury to the visitors, which is his prime objective of the GMOS-Train project.

Venue: Institut “Jožef Stefan”, Reaktorski center, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The theme of the presentation: LEGO MICROBES

Link of the event- https://www.nocmoc.eu/

Event details posted by the official Slovenian governmental website: https://www.gov.si/en/news/2022-09-30-european-researchers-night/